About Us - Chaokhun Fragrance


“Chaokhun fragrance” or "Nam-Ob Prung Chaokhun" in Thai name is a Thai fragrance brand since 1928, established by Khunying Boontham Boriraknitikasetr, who worked under HRH Princess Pradittha Sari, daughter of King Rama IV, as her personal accessory caretaker. After Khunying Boontham had decided to leave the palace to get married and build a family, she then opened a shop named “Thippaya o-sod sathan”, which was a florist and also had a variety of things for sale. The best seller of the shop was “Chaokhun fragrance”. The name of “Chaokhun fragrance” including the logo and advertisement was all given by Chaophraya Pholthep (Chalerm Komarakul Na Nagara). The recipe for the fragrance was a combination of Khunying Boontham’s experience in the palace mixed with her personal taste, bringing out a unique scent that is irreplaceable.



“Chaokhun fragrance” has a fresh and cool smell from borneol camphor, which goes with the hot climate of Thailand. Back in the old days, Western fragrance was not so popular among Thai people, so experiments were done by using Western fragrance making technique with Thai flowers and refreshing herbs that could easily be found in the area, and then were mixed together or “prung” in Thai, which is the origin of the word “Nam-prung” or Thai fragrance. Later, Khunying Boontham developed “Nam-ob prung” by combining her knowledge of making of Thai scented water, processed by the technique of incensing water, and fragrance scented with candle, which then becomes the “Nam-ob prung” until present.


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