discontinued "SEASONS OF SIAM"



We are really sorry to announce that some of our fragrances have to discontinued, such as Khimhan, Heman and Wasan due to 3 main reasons:

1. The production source for raw materials has been shut down and cannot find a replacement.
2. We want to improve the bottle and packaging, which was originally a glass bottle, better.
3. We need to adjust perfume formulas to meet IFRA standards. Our original perfumes contain some substances that IFRA has restricted such as borneol, which is the main raw material in traditional Thai fragrances.

Our 3 fragrances were first released in February 2019, which were blend in 2018. Considered as the first 3 scents of the brand SIAM1928 that allow every customer to experience the traditional Thai perfume. Although we have already discontinued but we have never left this perfume formula which we will continue develop to have more attractive scents and packaging. Khimhan, Heman and Wasan fragrances, will continue to be available for sale until the product are sold out.

Thank you and apologize to all customers here,
Nutt Wesshasartar