Our Ingredients

Fragrance : More than 50 ingredients blend by ourselve in our bottles from natural and chemical aroma from around the world Including raw materials that can only be found in Thailand that you can experience Thai stories.


Borneol is one of the ancient Thai herb, which is in the same group as cinnamon. This herb helps stimulate the brain, heart and the respiratory tract, and also had a nice cool refreshing smell. It is often use in many herbal medical recipes. In the old days, borneol is very expensive and rare, as stated in a Thai saying that “Do not trade borneol with salt”. Moreover, borneol is also used in “Nam-ob prung” or Thai fragrance including many Thai incense.


Nium-Hom (Strobilanthes nivea Bremek is another ancient Thai herb), which is Thai rare plant because it is difficult to grow and very expensive. Its smell is a mixture of nice, cool and deep sweet scent, similar to pandan, but in a politer, smoother, deeper and concentrated way, which can also last longer and introduce a feeling of relief and calmness. Combining Strobilanthes nivea Bremek with pandanus leaf in a good proportion will enhance a better scent. Because of its great smell, Strobilanthes nivea Bremek is often a main ingredient in many Thai incense, including “Nam-ob prung” or Thai fragrance, as stated, “An incense without Strobilanthes nivea Bremek is not completely an incense”. This is a great evidence that Strobilanthes nivea Bremek and Thai incense are meant to be together.


Thai scented water, processed by the technique of incensing water, and fragrance scented with Thai traditional candle, which made from wax mixed with Thai herbs such as frankincense, bergamot, sandal oil, brown sugar. The wick is made of bleached thread that wash and dry with kaffir lime oil to get rid of unpleasant odors and perfumed with frankincense again before being used to make scented candles. After we got the candles (SIAM1928's special formula) We will bring the candles to smoke with pure water many times until that water has the aroma that we want and used as an ingredient in SIAM1928 fragrances, just like giving a soul to our fragrances.

You can feel soft aura absorbed into your brain and feel that this is something about Thailand.



**Our fragrances do not use animal ingredients.


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