About Packaging


SIAM1928's Bottle

The bottle of the fragrance is inspired by blue-and-white pottery, which is used for scenting the water with candle, used in the making of “Nam-ob prung” or Thai fragrance. We adjust the shape of bottle to be able to hold comfortably.


Clay slip that we use particularly for this project contains natural ingredients from around the globe. For example

   - Kaolin from New Zealand

   - Ball Clay from Thailand

   - Feldspar from Japan

   - Silica from India.

This particular clay slip is a premium blend of Semi-Bone China with Hard Porcelain Body with high plasticity, high whiteness and translucent.


The whole firing process consist of three main steps:

     First, bisque firing at 900-950C

     Second, glost firing at 1295-1300C

     Finally, decoration firing at 850C with decal and logo on our bottles is real gold


Our bottles must be meticulous, plus-minus 250 microns, or half the mechanical pencil lead only! are not the usual number that we often see in ceramic. You can see that the production of our perfume bottles is very meticulous to provide customers with the best quality products as much as possible.


The advantages of ceramic bottles, It is lighter than glass bottles and translucent to almost opaque thus allowing less light to pass through and touch the perfume which everyone knows that the light and heat is one of the most influencing fragrances' enemies. Thailand is famous for its strong sunlight therefore ceramic bottles in the style of SIAM1928 in addition to beauty are therefore created to protect the scent of perfume in the bottle to maintain good quality and reduce the rate of perfume deterioration from external factors. Although the ceramic bottle is fragile, which we will try to develop to get even better quality ceramic bottles in the future.



SIAM1928 has won the Design Excellence 2020 !! in the product packaging design group that held a competition in Thailand. We are proud of is making ideas come out tangible truths both unique and beautifully bottle.