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SIAM1928 Story

Our story began in 1928
We have been producing and wholesaler the Traditional Thai fragrance that name is "Num-Ob Prung Chaokhun" with a single store in Thippaya O-Sotsathan shop.

"Num-Ob Prung Chaokhun" is sold in Buddha stores more than 100 retail stores in Thailand, used in Buddhist rituals and Thai traditions in order to wish blessings with buddha statue or elders because Thai people believe that the scent will bring a wish to heaven to make them good luck, health and happy so we do not use animal ingredients. Our fragrance have been using the same formulas for over 90 years and still sold until now.


2018 - 2019
Nutt Wesshasartar come up with a new Thai fragrance formula to be fashionable and suitable wear. he develop products and blend scents by ourselves to make it more different and attractive. It is the first niche Thai fragrance to use the ceramic bottle that was made in Thailand.

SIAM1928is named after the year of Nam-Ob Prung Chaokhun began in Thailand. Our logo is also inspired by the royal seal combine with the word “Siam”, which is the previous name of Thailand. “Siam” is more familiar in the old days for both locals and neighboring countries, before transitioning into “Thailand”.

Mrs.Karnchana Wesshasartar 3rd generation and Mr.Nutt Wesshasartar 4th generation, both successors of Nam-Ob Prung Chaokhun, Traditional Thai fragrance want to expand the market and established a company, Thippaya O-Sotsathan Co.,Ltd in April 2019


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